About Us

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who are determined to see 2859 returned to steam..

2859 Locomotive Group

The 2859 Locomotive Group is a company registered with the companies house with the aim of supporting all aspects or returning 2859 to Steam.

The 2859 Locomotive Group is aiming to purchase steam locomotive ex-Great Western Railways/British Railways Western Region 28XX class 2-8-0 2859 and over a course of time restore the locomotive to operational capability. This will include initial fund-raising to be able to acquire the locomotive from its present owning group, then subsequent fund-raising to undertake the necessary work to restore the locomotive to operational condition. Approaches will be made to organisations like the Heritage Lottery Fund to assist with financial contributions towards the restoration, and large contributors will be recognised by the fitting of a small brass plaque in the cab. Other methods of fund-raising will be undertaken, these being shares in the locomotive, merchandise and general bric and brac sold to go towards the costs.

Aproaches will be made to other groups and railways regarding purchase of relevant parts and spares, and a tender will also be investigated towards being restored alongside the locomotive. A base railway will be investigated to store the locomotive during restoration, though failing that then private property will be explored as an option. No specific date for completion will be set therefore meaning that the group will have plenty of chance to get the work done without expectation. During approaches to other groups, societies and owners it will be the intention of the group to gain as much assistance and knowledge of the locomotive and the aspects to maintain during use to ensure the locomotive is appropriately restored and maintained.

The fundraising project requires £790,000 in total including the initial £40,000 required to purchase the Locomotive and transfer her to her restoration base.