Acquisition of 2859.


The road to acquiring a locomotive is a long one, even when you have deep pockets!

2859 currently sits in a siging in Llangollen while her current owners concentrate on the restoration of their other locomotive, namely 5532. They have offered 2859 up for sale to release the funds from her in order to help progress the restoration of 5532. As a result those supporting us in our efforts to purchase 2859 are helping two engines to return to steam.

As part of our efforts to acquire her we have opened dialog with many parties to enable us to finalise our plans for her. The cost of acquiring her and moving her to her restoration home comes to £40,000 and we are already at 5% of that target.

It is our aim to finalise the purchase in August of 2018 and move her to her restoration home by September 2018 with a view to starting the restoration as soon as possible after that.